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Welcome to New Earth Radio ~ Chris Turner and Gwendolyn Rose present to you an incredibly extra ordinary world of phenomena, and facilitated healing. They also hope to be interviewing Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists and clients and discusses their many incredible findings, Clients Past Life Stories and some of the facilitated healing experienced using methods like Dolores Cannons QHHT™ method or Regression Healing™...

They will also be sharing many of their own experiences, both new and old using QHHT and Regression Healing. They also talk about many of  their own personal Past Life Regression experiences. Chris also talks about his own personal evolution in creating what other QHHT practitioners describe as; a smoother, easier, more “Light” and energy filled, more predictable and flowing process called Regression Healing that still facilitates more often than not, incredibly phenomenal and often times, miraculous healing results and very profound understanding for both client and practitioner.

If you want the heads up about the infinite diversity of some of the incredible Past/Future/Simultaneous Life Stories Chris and Gwendolyn will be covering, visit and download over 10 of his free E-Books that were acquired from both himself and his amazing clients and enjoy being transported for a little while, into incredible worlds of past, present and future! ~ Read Client Storiese

They’ll be presenting some new stories, some old stories and even future stories, as and when they come in. they'll also be sharing information about some of the story lines in the future books they intend to release.

Be prepared to shift your consciousness from the Old Earth World of the Ordinary, to the New Earth World of the extra-ordinary!